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When it comes to college basketball, there are many aspects that capture fans’ attention: the players, the teams, and the coaches. But there is one coach who stands out not only for his coaching skills but also for his unique sense of style – Ed Cooley. While his coaching abilities have earned him respect and admiration, it is his hair that has become a topic of conversation among fans and players alike. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Ed Cooley’s hair, exploring its evolution over the years and its impact on his coaching career.

The Early Years: A Clean-Cut Approach

In the early years of his coaching career, Ed Cooley sported a more traditional and clean-cut hairstyle. His hair was neatly trimmed, short on the sides, and slightly longer on top. This classic look reflected his professionalism and seriousness as a coach. It was a style that exuded confidence and authority, traits that are essential in the highly competitive world of college basketball.

However, as Cooley’s coaching career progressed, so did his hair. It began to take on a life of its own, becoming a defining feature that set him apart from other coaches in the game.

The Transformation: From Traditional to Trendsetter

As time went on, Ed Cooley’s hair started to grow longer, and he began experimenting with different styles. He embraced a more relaxed and casual approach to his appearance, which resonated with both players and fans. Cooley’s hair became a symbol of his personality – energetic, passionate, and unafraid to take risks.

One of the most notable transformations in Cooley’s hair journey was when he started sporting a full beard. The combination of his longer hair and beard gave him a rugged and charismatic look that further enhanced his coaching persona. It was a style that exuded confidence and commanded attention, both on and off the court.

The Signature Look: The Power of the Headband

While Ed Cooley’s hair has gone through various stages of growth and experimentation, one element has remained constant – his signature headband. Cooley’s choice to wear a headband during games has become synonymous with his coaching style. It not only adds a touch of flair to his appearance but also serves a practical purpose by keeping his hair out of his face during intense moments on the sidelines.

The headband has become an iconic accessory for Cooley, with fans and players often associating it with his coaching prowess. It has become a symbol of his dedication and commitment to the game, as well as a source of inspiration for aspiring coaches and players.

The Impact: Beyond the Hair

While Ed Cooley’s hair has undoubtedly garnered attention, it is important to recognize that his coaching abilities are what truly make him a respected figure in college basketball. His success on the court, including leading Providence College to multiple NCAA tournament appearances, speaks volumes about his skills as a coach.

However, it cannot be denied that Cooley’s unique sense of style, particularly his hair, has helped him stand out in a crowded field of coaches. It has become a talking point among fans, players, and even fellow coaches. Cooley’s hair has become a part of his brand, setting him apart from others and making him instantly recognizable.


In the world of college basketball, Ed Cooley’s hair has become more than just a hairstyle. It is a statement, a symbol of his personality and passion for the game. While his coaching abilities are what truly define him, his unique sense of style has only added to his appeal. Whether it’s the clean-cut approach of his early years or the trendsetting looks he sports today, Cooley’s hair has become an integral part of his coaching persona. As fans, we can only wait with anticipation to see what hairstyle Ed Cooley will rock next, knowing that it will undoubtedly be as captivating as his coaching style.

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